Seagull-Rechard Bach

Its a wonderful febel of the journey to find oneself.

I like it for following reasons :

1> Jonathan is not the chosen one. It is as everage as anybody n everybody. What differs him is his burning quorisity(abhipsa) to find out 'what I am?'
2>the second phase of Jonathan's journey. Here he is at a level above n so is his burning quorisity. As Chayan says:"u r learning again Jonathan.";he is nt satisfied or impressed with his 'achivements'. Generally,on the path of spirituality,a person stops his journey at second level. Because,at that level he gets mistirious power to perform wondurful act. Worldly paople easily follow such person who can perform CHAMATKAR. n the person get traped in his image of-the guru,the mistic man,the achiever. Ofcourse he is a level above,but yet not reached on that destination of infinite journey.
Jonathan constantaly practices here,n as Chayng advices him,he practices LOVE.
3>LOVE !....it is love that make Jonathan return to his community. it is love that make him to prepare second cader of seekers. N it is love that makes him able to leave his community again to walk on the road of infinite journey...
Education is considered as a midiam to pass on learning gained by previous generations.
Upto certain extent,,the objective is reasonable. Education should pass on knowledge of Mathematics,Geomatry,Science,Languages,History...
But let not pass on 'SHOULD'....
Maths is for logical development of the brain n Science(s) for development of observstion-without pre-judgement.
Does education happen that way?
DO not blame schools/teachers.
As a parent,how much freedom we allow to our child? How many times we 'order' them-this is not to be done n u SHOULD do this. Do we have trust on our child?
Do we allow a child to ask STUPID questions?
Aren't we making our children a machine that fulfil our parental ego :"MY child achieved this !"
Is it LOVE?

freedom ?

# Plz read Jay Vasavda's SPECTROMETER in Gujarat Samachar ( Gujarati Daily) of 12/7/09

#Does a lady teacher must wear 'sari' n not any other dress?

According to me,,NO.

Sari is a good n graceful dress but not a convient one. But Panjabi Dress/trouser-kurta r more convient dress at workplace. Its easy to move around in such dresses.

Panjabi(salwar-kamiz) in itself is a very much Indian dress.

and its the sincerity with the duty which is imporatnt,not only the dressing.

Whom would u prefer for ur child?-a lady teacher who wears sari but poor at teaching OR

a teacher who is good at her job n commited to her duty ???