Ishmael-Daniel Quinn

Have u ever tried to turn ur head round to a thought of yours? If Yes, u will certainly like this book.

It evolves around the problem- How to save the world?

The teacher,with its alertness of questioning like Socrates, lead the student to use the gray matter. And so the readers.

It discusses about following issues:
- How thing came to be this way?
- The life of man as an enact of human race as par the myth story whispered by Mother Culture.
- An analysis of Biblical stories in the light of Evolution Process.
- Importance of what we call The Environment.
- Search for the way to the life.

As a good teacher might do, no answer is given for the main problem.

N plz,do not rush for the reviews on the Net. Alteast save ur mind from such conditioning.



*Its not new in India to experience different culture within a pocket area but the experience at Jammu & Kashmir state is different. Here the cultural change echoes religious change n nationality change(up2 certain extant). In Jamuu valley, one experiences Hindu culture n Indianness, at Shrinagar valley, its Muslim and at Ladakh, its Budhdhist religion that stink in the air. At Shrinagar, the air filled with Army presence, one drives to think more about patriotism than the beauty of the valley,at least it happened to me while being there on 14th n 15th of August.At Ladakh, its all about monasteries, Tibetian food and fight for Free Tibet.

* The road Shrinagar-Kargil-Leh is spectacular. Some areas r such that one feels like being on the other planet. The dusty hills r with all sort of wonderful carvings by nature. The concrete road seems disturbing the beauty and at the same time, adding to the scenery.
This road also helps to see the evolution process. The dusty hills show no sign of life except their wonderful colour. But with a little more observation or with the help of a binocular, one can find the life. Small vegetation is struggling its way to break the hill into the plains. Remember that this area stays under snow for 3 to 4 months n the snow literary burns out the vegetation. Still, it tries again n again to survive and evolve with a single ray of sun. It takes many generations to a seed to become fit to survive and then it takes many more generations to evolve it. Evolve as a plant,tree. And we cut a tree with a labour of few hours( in developed countries it might tale few minutes, may be !). Many insects n animals (including goats n ships) survive and evolve on this scattered vegetation. One passes through these beautiful barren mountains with such thoughts aching in brain n come across a village suddenly. The village seems like a green patch on the modern art painting.

The mountains also displays the finest work on nature's artistic hand. One will find such a wonderful carvings due to the process of depreciation & reconstruction ; and wonderful colours due to geographical process. The river Sindhu flows side by side. Local call her 'dariya', which is the meaning of its name(i.e., whn to talk abt Sindhu, ppl use the word 'dariya' instead of 'sindhu').
The well known Sindhu Civilization didn't perished here, it developed in the plains of Gujarat n its adjoining plains in Pakistan. Because, for the development of a civilization, people need an easy life. In Ladakh, as in other mountain area, life has to struggle a lot only for survival. In such condition, development process suffers.