Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons by Dan Brown

Dan Brown
*I have just finished reading two books by Dan Brown : - Da Vinci Code & Angels N Demons.
I have avoided reading them due to contoversies associated with them. I am not interested to read a book who target religious sentiments to grow its seeling neither I am interested in reading a thriller like typical Hollywood movie. But, after recommendation coming from a trusted source, I went for it n Gosh ! It made me running after each word of if up to the end.

well, I like Da Vinci more. I m still not sure how much historical facts Brown has blended with fiction. I found mysteries related with the words and symbols fascinating. How the power hungry male rewrote the Bible vanishing the historical & rational facts about Jesus Christ is very very interesting to observe. After much controversies,Brown was able to publish the book n release the movie. I suspect if such thing is possible in our religiously over sensitive society.

 Angels & Demons is the first adventure of the hero-Robert Langdon (Da Vinci is the 2nd). I guess Brown tried to play safe in his first book,though the topic is quite sensitive to handle-like the antimatter. The lines related to the topic-science vs faith(read religion) are very appealing and I found them quite useful to clear up my doubts. This book also opens up our eyes wide about the true base of all the religions-fear. Also, Brown took the universal subject-two persons with similar childhood,grows up with different mindset due to the interpretations they have made of their circumstances n thus by making different choices(here CERN chief n the secretary of the Pope).

The Female characters of Brown's stories are with THE substance. Da Vinci speaks loud n lot about the history when the muscle power of  male ego crushed out the equal capacity n capability of the woman leading to the non equality on our planet.


Voice From Gujarat

 A River :

The Ganges is the holy river but I think that the water of Ganga is very polluted and it is like poison.

I like to see the river,alone,sitting on a rock, at the sun set time The saffron colour reflecting in its water.I like to think n be alone at that time. Many a poet has got inspiration from the river for the River is a beautiful thing, is priceless and romantic.

Many romantic and sad scenes in films are set with a river in the background night when there no other sound than that of the river. Then it is awesome for it is wonderful to realize the river through its sound.

People says that our sins are washed out by bathing in Ganga. But I believe that all rivers are holy. If  our sins are to be washed out by bathing in Ganga,then we will become pure but the dirtyness of our sin will remain in the river. Then how can we call a river pure or impure.
If there is a river i will bath there for a long time and share my thoughts with rivers for I .
can trust them. They dont open up and tell our secrets to others.

-Dhruv Mehta,14 yrs