Day 1 with school uniform, :my regrate for tericotton material has been faded away a bit by this brighter shine.



Weekend Drama

I am struggelling with myself , particularly when I find myself 'forcing' Eva to do some task. The struggle, how to make that task interesting enough to attarct her and the most important is-am I imposing my ideas of 'learning' on her?

Yesterday night, we were in the bazar and seeing a board for a play, I spoke up excitedely, "Oh, there is a play, Let me check what it is about." Then only I realised that  Eva may not enjoy the play and can not sit for almost 3 hrs. So, I dropped the idea. But, she started institing. "Atleast check na !" (She often uses phrases spoken by elders, and with perfect timing. ) So, I went over to check about the play. It was a routine one : Gadhi tari beek che baki badhu thik che. I was still not sure about what to do, as I got idea that the play is typical entertainment. But, I also wished to give Eva a feel of the stage performance as she has never been to a play and I do not know when we get chance for a play for children. But, she kept on insisting, let's go. She was doing so just to explore a new thing. (How amazing a child is !) So, finally we got tickets for balcany. She was all excited to have her own ticket in her hand. She understood that this is about seeing some femous film actor and she named an actor on the ticket as Amirkhan, asked me, weather we can meet him or not? Well, we'll see-I replied.

Within ten minutes I realised she is not enjoying. But, I started enjoying the 'play' (playing off the stage-being one of the character)!She started asking me question : is this house real? Is her hair real ? "no, it's a wig. " What is a wig? I explained. Is her purse real ?Is these actors have same skin as we? Is he drinking real tea? Why people are laughing-what he spoke? Why there is no hero? What is interval? Why the other part seems like a police station?
She was trying to comprehand : what is reality and what is 'play' !

So, we took one more chance today morning and went for "Ferari Ki  Savari."

She hardly set quitely or stedy for more than five minutes.

In the scene, where the servent and the security guard inquires at a garrage about lost ferari , she asked : why they are lieing?

Bingo ! She is catching up the story. She is comprehending.