'summerhill' by a.s.neill

What is freedom?

'Summerhill' is a book about a school n yet one find the answer of above question in it.
It is batter that I quote A.S.Neill rather then commenting on his work.
  • Fashion typifies the crowd's dislike of freedom.
  • As individuals,we calmly accept crowd rulings that are stupid.
  • If a man is shocked by anything, it is by the thing that he is most interested in.
  • the business of being sincere in life and to life is a vital one....Yet we educate our children in such a way that they dare not to be sincere....The greatest discovery we made at Summerhill is that a child is born sincere.
  • The aim of life is happiness. The evil of life is all that limits or destroy happiness.
  • Self-regulation implies a belief in the goodness of human nature; a belief that there is noe, and never was, original sin.
  • Any idea, old or new, is dangerous, if not combined with common sense.
  • The man, who holds his family in bondage. is, and must be, a slave himself- foe in a prision a jailor also is confined.
  • But the question arises : Is it possible to approve of children if you do not approve of yourself? If you are not aware of yourself, you cannot approve of yourself.
  • The one commandment that every parent and teacher MUST obey is this : Thou shall be on the child's side.
  • ...but heads never cause neurosis; only hearts do.
well,,, n all this stuff is from only one chapter- The Free Child.
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