Eva is failing

Eva is failing.

In her school examinations, she is scoring marks that can label her ‘fail’.

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At first, I felt that it is my fault that I have not paid proper attention to her schooling. So, I started checking what has been ‘taught’ at school and homework tasks rigorously. I found that she is not liking them ; my checking and to attend schooling tasks.

She is fearful of laws and strictly follows them. She never ever breaks school laws. She used to finish her homework promptly. But, she is not completing the homework, too. I also found that she is tolerating outcomes of unfinished home work; she has become used to with them.

So , point one is, she is not liking the schooling tasks.


It is all memory work. Eva is a very particular girl in matter of arrangements and appearance. She does not like if it looks not good. Also, she learnt to be ‘exact’ in answering. Now, as she cannot memorize all the stuff, she is failing. By the way,she displays amazing memory in non-schooling stuff, stuff which she 'understands' and comprehands.

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By the way, she likes to ‘copy’ things. Give her a novel of Eng or Gujarati and she will copy it, tirelessly. So, she copies her home work promptly. Rather she enjoys the home work which is given five times. But, she skips the home work which is not copying.

Eva shows tremendous interest in exploring new words. She would ask for new word ‘means ?’ and often we go to the Sunskrit root of the words, exploring similar sounding words and words with similar meanings with recollecting lots of incidents that can explain them. But, at school, she is failing at synonyms and antonyms! Also, she amazes me with her language display when ever we have fight (which is quite frequent), she combines all the languages and phrases putting them in lovely combination to making it a 'piece' of language!

In Math tables , each day she comes up with a new Math pattern in the tables. She herself is identifying them. She know how tables are formed but we get a note that she should memorize tables. I consider table memorization as a useful skill but, I do not find it proper to force a child to memorize them.

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We had a troubling month. Until, the point two found its way through my conditioned brain cells.

Point two is : Gosh, Eva is not failing ! She is developing, learning every moment. I have proofs for them.

Only yesterday night she has explored a new way of drawing.  She used to do pencil outline and then filling colours in it. I found her bit fixed and conditioned in her drawing. Yesterday, just a single hint and she picked up crayons, moving them like a brush and creating pieces like modern art, with explanation : what it is and why I used that particular colour !

I do not mind those damn marks! Thanks RTE that I do not need to bother about them.
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