The Reader

'Its a difficult movie.', one of my friend has commented. Yes, it is. Apart from nude scenes in the first half, it becomes difficult to the viewer to justify own feelings. The movie is like a poetry.  The viewer, as a civilian and social being, can not justify a number of 'why' questions hitting the mind. One gets deeply touched by the meaning and so can not explain it. The director compels the viewers to be on the side of the German who guarded the gas chamber. Kate Winslate is brilliant. The suffering for life weights lower than the suffering for dignified life.


sarkar ka nazara

*what is Reality?
Asks one Morpheus looking straight into my eyes,
from one end of one Matrix
And in the Sophie's World,
Matrices swims in the air,
like the Incepted dreams.
Nausea hovers in the air with the 'death of the creater..'
Ishmael feeds me with 3000 years.
I cry ,'Goethe, I am hand to mouth,yet.'
Schrödinger searches for his catty reality in a dark room.
And an Indian sits to feel the walking ant into his heart artery.
I dance on this :
'sarkar ka nazara hai, (its a vision of the omnipresent)
tamasha nahi hai.'       (its not a stupid play.)